Pedestal E14: BP Mobility by BP3

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Scott Francis

For the next three days, Monday through Wednesday, we'll be staffing the BP Mobility pedestal - pedestal E14. This is where you want to come to dive deep on our demonstration of what can be done with IBM BPM and a native iOS mobile app.? It is a beautiful iPad app that you can imagine your own field staff dying for.

We also want to hear from you - about what you really need from mobile devices in your critical business processes, and where we might be missing the target for you.? We know mobile isn't one-size-fits-all.? Help shape the next version of the BP Mobility framework by sharing your experiences with us.

But it wouldn't be BP3 if we weren't willing to talk about a few other things that are near and dear to our hearts:

  • BP Services - our professional services are top grade.
  • UPGRADES - this is a hot topic right now for heritage Lombardi customers.? Come talk to us at the booth - or reach out to us here on the site, and we can arrange followups to delve deep on the upgrade process.?? We have the most experienced team on heritage Lombardi bar none.? If you need to get up to IBM BPM 7.5, talk to us.
  • BP Labs - talk to us about what we're up to in the lab.? BP Mobility is the first outgrowth of our labs group, but we'll be doing more over the coming months.
  • BP Deploy - if you need to get BPM - and specifically your Process Center - in the cloud, talk to us about what we're doing.? Ask for Ivan at the booth and he can tell you about how we're deploying IBM BPM to the cloud, and how it might work for you.

So come by our booth and find out how we can help you.


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