Pallas Athena Acquired

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Scott Francis

I was surprised to see Lexmark acquired Pallas Athena.? I didn't realize that Lexmark has a software unit, Perceptive Software.? The consolidation in BPM continues... Pallas had a good reputation in the market, in particular for being able to "mine" data for the emergent processes within it:

Pallas Athena is a leading provider of BPM, DOM and process mining software, with significant industry experience in the insurance, government and life sciences segments. Pallas Athena's software products enable a broad range of BPM capabilities, which includes dynamic case management and customer communications management. Key differentiators of its software products include ease of implementation and an intuitive user interface.

I can't comment as to how well Pallas Athena fits within the portfolio of Perceptive Software/Lexmark, I'll leave that to others with more specific information.

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