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I love this post from Tom Goodwin, on a radical change in how we work, by focusing on outcomes, not busyness. In its most simplistic form, this is "work smarter, not harder". But Tom steers away from those stereotypes and draws from some of my favorite industry examples to make a point:

By my calculations, of the entire global phone market, Apple makes 94% of the profit, Samsung makes around 3%.

It's not for lack of effort, in a typical year Samsung launches 45 new phones, yet Apple will launch one.

[...] I'd proffer that the Apple "War room" is a group of people trying to make the products better, not finding something inane to squeeze past legal during the Superbowl.

The posit: that Apple is working on things that matter, not just trying hard to stay busy.? And if companies can be defined by what they don't do... can people be defined the same way?? And is that as important as defining people by what they do?

It's a good read.?



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