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Scott Francis

We're one month out from bpmNEXT 2014, which seems hard to believe. It was my favorite conference last year, and set a high bar that later conferences just didn't live up to, from a communication, connection, and learning stand-point.

As others have said, it was a bit like a reunion of the pantheon of BPM gods - meeting in a chapel at Asilomar, no less!? Meeting in person, people that I typically only get to talk to via Twitter or blog posts and comments was quite refreshing.

Sandy Kemsley put it well :

To be clear, this is an opportunity for learning, networking and collaborating, not selling to customers. Send your people in charge of strategic product direction and innovation, not your usual conference team. If you?re giving a demo, you have the chance to show off your cool new BPM stuff, whether early-stage demo or released product, and get feedback from your peers. If you?re in the audience, you?ll have your mind expanded and your creativity sparked with the mix of new ideas, and have time to discuss them and make some new business connections.

Bruce Silver's take (emphasis added):

The keynote this year is Jim Sinur?s intriguingly titled, ?My Process is Smarter than Me.?? From there, the program is a cross between TED and an investor pitch event: one track, twenty-five 20-minute demos of the next big thing, each followed by 10 minutes of Q&A, with numerous breaks for one-on-one deep dives. The demos span the full gamut of process technology, from mobile apps to agent technology to operational intelligence, advanced work management, and case/BPM unification.? Slideware is minimal; bpmNEXT is focused on working demos you can see, presented by the people that built the software.

Last year Bruce and Nathaniel hosted quite an event.? I took quite a few notes, which turned into a whole series of posts on our blog, including:

We're looking forward to an even better conference this year.

We'll be updating the group with our work in mobile UI for BPM, and in particular with a focus on responsive UIs.? We've learned a lot in the last year, and we're looking forward to sharing!



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