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Scott Francis

OMG has now released a schedule for exam availability for the OCEB (OMG Certified Expert in BPM) Exams.? This certification is an important step to move closer to a common understanding of what BPM is, and what it means to be an expert in BPM - two topics that have, up to this point, remained stubbornly hard to define in a way that everyone will agree with! Here's one step in the right direction (though, I'll grant there is room for improvement, perfect is the enemy of good, right?).

I just got an email from OMB about the schedule, but as yet I don't see it on their website (If you are reading this, and have seen it on the OMG site, send me the link or put it in a comment, please).

OCEB Fundamental Available?????????? Now
OCEB Business Intermediate??????????? December 22, 2008
OCEB Technology Intermediate?????? January 12, 2009
OCEB Business Advanced????????????????? January 26, 2009
OCEB Technology Advanced???????????? February 2, 2009

The beta programs have closed, with the exception I think of the Technical Advanced exam, but the official tests are coming in on? schedule, through PearsonVUE.? Also from the email:

"OMG, in partnership with the UML Technology Institute (UTI), developed the new certification exam series to support business analysts, architects and designers building and using Business Process Modeling and Business Process Management techniques to define, improve and automate business processes. Subject Matter Experts from more than 25 companies developed the exams? coverage and questions, while extensive beta-testing and psychometric analysis validated their final forms. The exams will be available worldwide in English; in the Asia-Pacific region they will also be made available in Japanese in the near future. In India, QAI is OMG?s official OMG Certification Program representative."

It was a long road (more than a year in the making), and it sure is nice to see it come to light.? Congrats to all the contributors to the OCEB examinations for the hard work and persistence.

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