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Scott Francis

We started BP3 in 2007, and bootstrapped it from just the two of us, to a team, to a company.? We used to quote Blues Brothers on a regular basis, "putting the band back together".... because we felt like we were.

Here we were at Lombardi's Driven customer conference in early 2008, less than a year after founding BP3:


We sure were a good looking group, if I do say so - despite the old logo - and all of us are at BP3 today.? We were full of optimism, despite knowing it would be a hard road ahead to build a company on our own.

And here we were last week:


We've come a long way.? I think it is safe to say the band is back together and we're taking our show on the road.? I got a kick out of how that theme works well for the UK team as well, as so many of them have worked together for so many years- and they're re-assembling the ultimate BPM team in the UK - we literally just brought on two members over there that are old colleagues of our team, and we couldn't be more excited about them on our team.? Every year the challenge has been more interesting than the last, the opportunities more compelling than the year previous.? I'm not sure how we'll even get the team photo next year, but we might have to use a drone to get everyone in-frame.

To every team member, past and present, who has helped bring BP3 to where it is now, I just want to take a moment to say thanks.? To every customer, past and present, thank you.? We're only scaling because you make it possible. We're only growing because you are voting with your wallet on our ability to help.

Hope to see everyone again next year!


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