Not All UI Toolkits are Made Equal

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Scott Francis

IBM BPM ships with the coach view framework, and a few different UI toolkits.? By design, the coach view framework is a great foundation for building new UI toolkits - a foundation that IBM has encouraged partners like BP3 to take advantage of.

But not all UI Toolkits are created equal. We still run across customers leveraging whatever they might find on developerWorks or from other vendors, and this link takes you to about what you can expect.

Someone has gone to the painstaking trouble to document a toolkit in detail.? And this is the kind of UI components you're working with:


These controls are offered as-is, with no possibility of support, maintenance or upgrade.? Much like the old days of reading code in a magazine and typing it into your editor to compile.? This represents the state-of-the-art for the average BPM implementation firms.? Because they don't have the focus and experience on BPM and user experience.

Meanwhile, you could be using a fully supported and maintained product - like Brazos UI - saving you countless hours of development effort on UI frameworks, and speeding your time-to-value on process delivery.? Your UI will have a thoughtfully designed, consistent look-and-feel.? It will support localization to single and double byte languages. It will support WCAG 2.0 user interfaces and ADA compliant UIs.? And you'll upgrade from version to version without difficulty.


Time to register for Brazos!



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