No, the Employee Journey is the Process that Matters!

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Scott Francis

Customer Journey Mapping is all the rage lately - and in our last post I argued that it is the only process that matters - and that we're actually doing process mapping when we do customer journey mapping. Surprisingly, many who do customer journey mapping don't have a background in process mapping and modeling and don't understand the systems that support the journey.? Conversely, many who do process modeling and mapping don't have a perspective on how a customer can navigate buying or working with our businesses.

But it turns out that the customer journey can't be truly great unless you have a great employee

journey as well.? All over the world, corporations that produce great customer experiences typically have great employee experiences - how you?feel about your employer has a great impact on how you feel about your customers, and how they feel about you. ? Our own Lance Gibbs has written extensively on the topic!

But in Lance's book - he goes further than just the employee experience. He persuasively makes the argument that we have to bring the organization, systems, and processes to our employees that support a great employee journey.

Recently talking with one of our clients, we were discussing how to double their revenues and what it takes.? All of the concerns are around scale and sourcing - the demand is there.? And the lack of systems to support what they're doing now, let alone a growth trajectory.? There won't be effective growth without a rethinking of core systems and processes that cut across those systems and departments. As we talked more about their brand reputation with their clients, it is clear that they are known for quality, for craftsmanship, for value, and for style.? They are the whole package for their clients when it comes to product.

But their systems and processes don't create a great employee journey - they create friction and frustration. This conversation crystallized it for me:

We need our systems - and processes - to live up to the promise of our brands. We need the employee journey to live up to the customer journey.

So what can we do about it?? We can make sure that when we design a great customer journey, we are also looking at the stakeholders inside our four walls and designing their journeys - both in terms of taking care of a customer, but also in terms of the totality of their work and experience at our firm. We have to take into account not just the work we ask them to do directly regarding our customers (or clients) but also the other activities we require them to do that impact their journey - timekeeping, expenses, approvals, internal meetings, professional development, etc.

There's a reasonable argument that a great customer journey and employee journey are just two lenses on the same critical process of running a great business.

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