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BP3 was formed 9 years ago in May.? We've come a long way since then.? In 2008, we attended Lombardi's "Driven" BPM conference in Austin, with our first two additional partners in crime, Flournoy Henry and Greg Harley:


(Note: pre-sweater vest! Also, this was before Thinktiv created our fantastic BP3 branding)

Here we are 8 years later at our very own BPMCAMP conference in Austin, and you might have trouble spotting all four of us, but we're in the picture:


And we've continued to grow since then.? We may need a drone for the next picture.

And maybe being in Austin is part of the story.? In many respects, Austin has been ground zero for BPM.? It has been growing gangbusters over he last decade. The energy behind startups downtown and around Austin is infectious.? The energy around the construction of hotels and venues downtown is also contagious.? Maybe being in Austin is part of what gave Lance and I the optimism that we could build this company and grow it.? Or maybe it was the optimism in the BPM community.?

Whatever it was, or is, we'll take it.? We couldn't be more proud of our team, and the accolades they earn for making BP3 a great place to work (in Austin, in Tech, as a small business, and for college graduates).? There's so much more to accomplish, the next mission is in front of us.? But it doesn't hurt to just take one moment, here at the end of May, and be thankful for how far we've come.




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