Nice Coverage in the ABJ for Austin Startups with Great Culture

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Scott Francis

The Austin Business Journal covered the recent recognition of 3 Austin Technology companies by Fortune Magazine:

AcademicWorks, Square Root and BP3 Global Inc. share a spot on Austin's tech scene as small, nimble companies developing software to solve clients' management and efficiency problems.

They share another trait: adoration among their employees. All three were ranked Tuesday among the five best small tech companies to work at nationwide by Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute, with education software developer AcademicWorks taking the No. 1 spot. The ranking was based on worker surveys about career development opportunities, work-life balance, compensation and other factors.

It's pretty gratifying to see 3 Austin companies in the top 5 on this list. I think it shows that Austin is making culture a differentiator in our business models, as a counter weight to the normal factors that contribute to attrition and pulling apart the sense of community.

I also liked this quote from Chris Taylor of Square Root:

"It takes a very intentional approach to successfully scale both your business and your culture. It?s another area where Austin is leading the way," Chris Taylor, CEO of Square Root, said in an email to ABJ. "As much as we all compete for talent, the Austin startup community is very collaborative. I don?t think that it is a coincidence that I?m personal friends with the founders of the other two small companies recognized this year."

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