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2020 is nearing its end, and the new year is in front of us. It is a good time to make some changes!  One change we're excited about is that we are moving from our old office location to a new office not far away. If you're looking for us, you'll find us at: 

7121 N Lamar Blvd Suite 1001, Austin, TX, 78752

We loved our old space. It's a great building and a great location. The parking garage was... interesting... but we loved it all the same. The new space is more open, with breathtakingly high ceilings. it just feels like a place where you could do great things. And we intend to live up to that. It feels good to be starting something new like this in 2021.

Another thing we're excited about is that we will once again be next door to Red Velvet, the best creative events agency in Austin.  They've been our partners in producing the Driven and BPMCAMP events in Austin over the years, as well as many of our internal kick-offs and events. The 7121 building was built as a labor of love and home for Red Velvet, and they really sweated every detail. We are just the happy beneficiaries, and when we reach the other side of the pandemic, we are really looking forward to working together in this creative, vibrant space.

If you find yourself looking for our new home on North Lamar, just keep an eye out for two landmarks: the railroad crossing at the intersection of Airport and Lamar, and the giant Jackalope out in front of the building. Yes, you read that right. It is some 22 feet tall, so you're not likely to miss it...

The front at night

It's also a great location for the future, because it is across the street from the CrestView train station (currently for the Red Line), but with good bus transit as well as future access to two more train lines that will come through that station in years to come. Possibly too many years into the future for me to be worried about. Still, you can hop on the red line and just a few stops down, you're at a mixed use development with great restaurants and a Whole Foods.  Or, walk to the shopping center nearby, and find a collection of Chinese, Korean, and Japanese food, as well as a top notch coffee house and a great taco place.

We'll look forward to hosting clients and new hires at this location sometime after we all have COVID under control. This is just the sneak peak! 

The bowling alley table has made the move. But I'm really glad I didn't have to lift it. This has been the table around which some of our biggest decisions have been made, and around which we have shared many, many meals, and met with many clients.
One of our conference rooms (and a view of the inevitable construction outside!). We brought the table from our old space - fits perfectly! 
even this shot doesn't do it justice - it's great collaboration space - when we're able to use it like that again (hopefully soon)
There's a faster way to do that! (sm)
lots of space to collaborate... with call rooms and lots of places to find a corner to get away.
The BP Three - this is what we strive to do every day.

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