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At BP3 we've always believed in the importance of having great space in which to work.? We didn't start out with great space - we started out with what we could afford.? But we gradually improved on our space and now we've moved into a new home that leaves us with room to grow and room to improve upon a great office.? An office represents home, center of gravity, and community. And we have that in spades with our team and our space.

We just took occupancy of 12,000 square feet on the 4th floor of the Plaza 7000 building in Austin.? It's a great spot with views of trees and of downtown, and windows all around.? And we finally have the open space and offices for our team to retreat to, that we always wanted.? This is more than twice the space we previously had - but we were packed to the gills in that old space, in the same building, but with fewer options to expand.? Now, if things go well we'll fill up this space and we'll wish we had more.? But that's a problem we'll welcome when we get there.

We've already met our neighbors on the 4th floor and received a warm welcome, despite the disturbance of construction, etc.? Hopefully they like ping-pong because the games are about to start up again.? As you can see from the pictures, our Art Cow made the move, as well as a giant TV for the conference room.? Like any startup, we're still waiting for a conference table! The new glass door entryway is a big step up as well.? We love our new space.

We have a lot of work to do to spruce up the space, but a few photos give you an idea of the new look.? We'll be working on the lobby and conference rooms next - now that we all have a place to sit!

A move like this is never possible without great work done over many years by the BP3 team for our customers.? It takes a great deal of confidence in your business to sign up for multi-year leases and to lease space for growth not just for "right now".? You don't have that confidence without the hard work of a great team to establish a track record over many years.

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