Neil Ward-Dutton Debunks Gen Y Mythology

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Scott Francis

Great stuff from Neil, debunking yet another generational myth pushed upon us by the likes of Time and Fortune:

I don't know about you, but when I was a young adult I wanted every minute of my life to have meaning too! I was self-absorbed, narcissistic and impatient. Outspokenness, inability to take criticism and a sense of entitlement are characteristics of young people ? and have been for 40-50 years. Now I'm older I hope those characteristics have lessened, and I believe there's no reason to expect things to be different when Generation Y workers take on management positions.

If you go back and read what Fortune and Time wrote about Gen X 10-12 years earlier, it sounds suspiciously similar... As Neil says, this line of reasoning seems lazy and without any real rigor.? It doesn't even pass the common sense test.

+1, Neil.

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