Neches Analysis Update

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Scott Francis


[Editor's note: 3 days, three product release updates.? Our BP Labs team really focuses on what we preach - iterative improvement, regular release schedules, and disciplined development and testing practices]

Neches Analysis runs in the cloud, primarily on IBM's SoftLayer and Cloud Marketplace.? As a result, when we roll out an update, all you'll see are the improvements.? In this release those improvements include:

  • More efficient parsing, resulting in a dramatic increase in speed of parsing for large models with a lot of toolkits.
  • Fast UI response.? If you have many snapshots uploaded to Neches, the main screen will display much more quickly.
  • Out of date findings.? If your findings were against an older version of the rule set this is shown to you in the UI, and, if appropriate, you are given the option to generate a new set of findings.

If you are running a BPM program, and you don't have access to Neches Analysis reports, you really don't know what's going on in the development garage.? Neches Analysis is the Visibility pillar of a great BPM development team.

This is our third production update for Neches in 2015.? New rules, new findings, new capabilities, faster processing, more responsive UI.? Our team is hitting on all cylinders, and our current Neches customers are already benefiting from the increased value.





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