Nathaniel Palmer has One Word for you: Process""

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Scott Francis

We had a few interesting analyst presentations at bpmNEXT and let me share a few thoughts from each, starting with Nathaniel Palmer himself!

First up was Nathaniel Palmer, giving his annual 5-year projection on the future of BPM.? His prediction this year recalled "The Graduate" - with just one word: Process.? That Process will define the 21st century.

To be clear, he isn't arguing that BPMS' will define the 21st century - but that process will.? He pointed out some key disruptors over he last 5-10 years - who clearly excel at process and BPM - but not built on a BPMS (or only in some cases).? As he put it - for the most case they hired college graduates and wrote code.

He then showed a few interesting trends using Google Trends, an oft-underused tool for understanding the level to which an idea is "on the brain".? RPA and BPMN? have similar search result density over the last year.? You might think BPMN would be less important if potentially traditional BPMS solutions might be less important. But the interest has held steady.

Also interesting- if you add a search for BPM - then you get results that are about 5x as frequent as RPA.? Far from showing signs of dying, interest in the term BPM is growing.

Nathaniel believes there is a "Cambrian explosion" of digital things hitting the market.? Ultimately all of these things are interfaces - radically changing all of software, certainly BPM - because it changes our sources of data and how we interact.? He argues that BPM is all of these things - possibly the coalescence of all these things rather than each of them separately.

Nathaniel sees a bright future for "BPM" - but that future says nothing about the success or failure of individual technologies or companies under that umbrella.? And actually, it says nothing about the future of the term BPM itself - which might very well be displaced by other terms - Digital Process Automation anyone?

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