MWD’s Take on bpmNEXT

  • May 3, 2017
  • Scott

MWD just posted commentary for the bpmNEXT event on their blog. I like the commentary:

“At bpmNEXT, instead of tearing each other’s throats out as you might expect, the delegates present their latest work, share ideas, and seek inspiration. Frankly, it really shouldn’t work; but it does. 2017 was the event’s fifth year and the best so far. The energy in the room was palpable.”

And they shared a few insights that I picked up on as well, first regarding open source vendors:

“Many people regard open-source projects as signs of commoditisation, but all four of the key open-source BPM technology players presenting—Bonitasoft, Camunda, Flowable and Red Hat—were pushing innovation at the core of BPM technology”

I’ll just note that innovation and commoditization are not opposite forces – it could be that the commoditization is what is enabling or encouraging innovation.  Regardless, it was fun to see how the open source vendors are evolving.

And second, regarding DMN and the value thereof.  But maybe my favorite part is the acknowledgment of a good showing by BP3 in the “best in show” voting – coming in second for (I believe) the second time:

“Neil was particularly struck by BP3’s continued focus on adding value to business process projects through the Brazos platform. BP3 presented the new Brazos CX Insights, which delivers application usage insights; much like you might get from Google Analytics or Mixpanel. By working with metadata that a process application commonly makes available for other purposes (for example relating to user segmentation) Brazos CX Insights helps application developers segment user’s challenges, enabling them to improve their overall experience.”

As a prize, we won our very own copy of “Mastering the Unpredictable” – thank you Keith Swenson! It now resides in our library at BP3. Thank you for the kind words Neil and Derek!



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