MWD on #bpmNEXT

  • May 18, 2016
  • Scott
Neil Ward-Dutton

Neil Ward-Dutton’s session at bpmNEXT was “Remixing BPM for the digital age”:

The main point I made: BPM technologies deliver capabilities that all organisations pursuing a digital transformation agenda need – work co-ordination and knowledge sharing at scale; the ability to change quickly and with confidence; and transparent performance insights (to drive optimisation and change). However – at the moment many organisations pursuing these agendas don’t see BPM technology as part of the solution.

I found the presentation to be particularly clear in terms of pointing out the tension – if not contradiction – in the way that many corporations are simultaneously decentralizing how they deliver services and product, while at the same time wanting to centralize and more tightly control an integrated customer experience. 

It was a call to apply BPM to the problems of the digital experience – potentially as the thread that pulls the disparate parts of an organization together to put them in some sense, under the control or direction of the customer.

Neil also gives a shout-out in the linked post to the presenters (including BP3!), and a great comment on bpmNEXT itself:

bpmNEXT is a pretty technical conference that’s ostensibly for ‘BPM industry insiders’, but it’s become clear that inquiring enterprises are also interested. What’s more, this event isn’t only about BPM (or not in the sense that it’s so often defined). It’s becoming a conference that explores the future of work automation more broadly… and I think it’s actually better because of that.


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