There's something about this post from Max Nussenbaum?that I both agree and disagree with.

First: the idea that motivation doesn't matter seems... empty. Odd.?

Second, the idea that introspection can get in the way of performing - yes.?

Asking me how I stay motivated is like asking a pool ball how it keeps rolling. We might have an answer for you, but we?re kidding ourselves if we think we?re in control. No matter how much momentum we feel right now, the edge of the table is coming for us.

So I try to practice the skill of not relying on a certain mood to do a certain job. We entrepreneurs and artists think we?re so special, with our routines and our motivation and our needing to have everything just so. Those artsy stock images of the laptop and Moleskine and the cappuccino arranged with millimeter-level precision are toxic. Nobody asks the bricklayer how he puts the next brick in place when he doesn?t feel inspired.

Two schools of thought: make a career out of your passion, or be passionate about your career. I'll be that a good brick layer really likes to do the job just right. I know the carpenter we use does. The painter we use is very precise. The plumber we use has a joy that makes him fun to work with even when you wish you didn't need the plumber.? People ask me all the time how we do this as a family - running BP3 and my wife running her company, Red Velvet Events.? And participating on the board at the Magellan International School.? We just don't look down.?

You couldn't have told me that process would be my passion 20 years ago. But no one would question my passion for the subject now.? When you really dive into something and own the domain, you become more passionate about it.?

Maybe I'm just motivated to work with people, and process is my lens for adding value to their lives. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Don't look down.



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