More on OpenText and Global 360

  • July 15, 2011
  • Scott

Lubor Ptacek comments on the Global 360 acquisition on his blog:

With the combination of Metastorm and Global 360, we are now the largest provider of BPM solutions for the Microsoft ecosystem. The BPM solutions complement our existing information governance and archiving solutions for SharePoint and Exchange. But what’s more important, Global 360 increases the critical mass of process management focus inside of OpenText.

(I didn’t know anyone was still blogging on blogger…)

Being the biggest Microsoft BPM partner is sort of like being the biggest Microsoft Cloud partner.  There are bigger players in both markets, with more traction, momentum, and ecosystems.  But being the biggest in the Microsoft ecosystem is probably better than not being the biggest.

Lubor continues:

The Global 360 acquisition is unique, though, as it allows OpenText to not only expand its offerings, but also reach a critical mass needed to establish itself as a serious contender in a new market. This is not a minor matter.

I think this is the key point.  The ECM vendors need the BPM market to revitalize their growth and increase their addressable markets.  It isn’t a bad thing to be strong in both content and process.  Of course, this isn’t just three companies, OpenText + MetaStorm + Global 360.  MetaStorm and Global 360 each had acquired several companies as well, so this is a roll-up of roll-ups and integration challenges are going to be many and diverse.  The interesting questions will be about a year from now-  what is the roadmap for BPM at OpenText, the roadmap for innovation, etc.

Forrester has a quick summary of the acquisition as well:

OpenText is at it again — and another independent BPM provider is gone. This time it’s Global 360. But Global 360 was more than BPM; it had done a good — no, great — job revitalizing what was at its core an ECM rollup of midrange and questionable solutions (remember Kodak, Keyfile — I actually met an original Keyfile developer there — and ViewStar?). But it nurtured this account base well and  built a fast-growing BPM and case management business. It’s now been purchased by the ultimate ECM rollup, OpenText.

Craig Le Clair’s article emphasizes even further what a monumental integration challenge this will be.


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