More Momentum on an Austin Startup Space

  • August 25, 2011
  • Scott

Based on local news story frequency and content, it looks like the concept of a startup district in Austin is gaining momentum.

I missed an news story a couple of weeks ago on the KXAN site:

“We’re looking at shared co-working space that entrepreneurs can come into and really rent a desk, so to speak, and sit among their peers and other partners and grow companies such that we are growing that base of our own, as well as recruiting new tech companies in the area and making this whole eco-system stronger,” said Davenport.

It was nice to see them checking out offices we have friends at – Boundless Network (a Lombardi customer), Vast (which has a few Lombardi alumni), and Thinktiv:

Some of those spaces include the offices of Vast , Boundless Network and Thinktiv . All of the offices have high ceilings and open floor plans where employees can discuss their ideas freely. The Chamber wants to have the space downtown because of the creativity it can provide to start-up businesses.

There seems to be a general consensus that the energy and optics of a downtown space are best for attracting talent.  However, I was lured to Austin by a company with an office on the hill and a view of the lake, the 360 bridge, and downtown.  There’s more than one way to attract talent, but downtown has density and diversity going for it, which is more important for this kind of endeavor.

One worry I have is the potential negative impact on existing companies that serve the startup community here – the coworking spaces that already exist likely inspired this effort-  I just hope there is still a business model for them that makes sense if this goes through.

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