More Flattering Coverage of Austin

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Scott Francis

From the NYTimes:

Two years ago, ad executive, Nancy Giordano, moved to Austin from Los Angeles, and within 12 months she had organized and started TEDx Austin with Jen Spencer. The idea-sharing conference had a waiting list its first year, leaving me wondering how an outsider could come into another city and pull together such an amazing gathering of thinkers and leaders. Ms. Giordano had grown up in Atlanta, and her career took her to New York City for seven years, Chicago for three and Los Angeles for 13, where she worked for Chiat Day, the ad agency, before starting her own consulting firm, Play Big, Inc.

I asked her what about the Austin culture made this doable. ?There is this circle and a current that runs between the community?s business pillars that helps people do their thing,? she said. ?There?s a real desire here to help people manifest whatever success they want to create. I think that?s because people are really happy. There is no sense of, ?you win, I lose.? Here it?s, ?you win, I win.??

The whole piece is pretty glowing, with an appreciation of Austin that only a fellow transplant to Austin can understand.

And speaking personally, I can't help but feel like Austin's vibe is reaching VC circles, as two of my friends who work in VC firms have come to visit Austin recently to touch base with companies in their portfolio.? Austin continues to hit on all cylinders.

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