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Following up on yesterday's announcement of bpmCamp, here are the most crucial details for bpmCamp, to answer the most obvious questions you might be asking.? There are many more details to come, and all of this information will find its way into a bpmCamp landing page soon enough.

When is bpmCamp?

We've said it before, but it bears repeating.? We?ve selected a date for the first one:? January 28-29, 2010. Mark your calendars.

We hope to host additional bpmCamp events in the future, but this is the inaugural event.?

Where is the First bpmCamp? Who is the host?
Having the right host and location for any activity is crucial.? And having the right setting can really frame an event and set a backdrop for a good collaborative and rejuvenating experience.? I think that we have scored on both counts with our hosts for the inaugural bpmCamp.

I'm very proud to announce our host for bpmCamp:? Stanford University -? specifically, the Stanford SeRA BPM team. I've previously blogged about their potential contributions to the BPM community.? We share a vision of a more collaborative and communicative practitioner community and this is our collective attempt to initiate something that can really improve all of our efforts with BPM.

Lee and his boss Minh Nguyen are graciously donating the use of a beautiful conference setting for this event,* including A/V and wireless Internet.? We'll send out exact location details as we get closer to the event, but our tentative location includes a fully equipped room and two fully-equipped breakout rooms.? The outdoor space surrounding is beautiful, and Stanford isn't the kind of place that gets snow in January.? We couldn't be happier about the location, and we couldn't be happier about the spirit of collaboration and community our hosts and location will help foster for this event.

We'll follow up with information about transportation logistics, hotel options, and other sundry details as we get closer to the event date, but in plenty of time to make plans with that information. Stanford has excellent transportation and lodging facilities surrounding it, so we'll have some top notch options available to us.

*The free space is limited, however, and if we outgrow it based on interest, we'll have to either limit attendance or explore other options on campus that will cost a bit more. Also, bpmCamp is not *sponsored* by Stanford - but Stanford is hosting the event, donating use of facilities, and Stanford BPM community members will be full participants in the event - Stanford is not endorsing the products or services of any of the sponsors or attendees of bpmCamp.

Where is the Landing Page?
The landing page for bpmCamp will be coming soon.? We'll send out pointers to it when it is up.? In the meantime, you can keep up with announcements by following the RSS feed for the bp3 blog, or by bookmarking posts tagged with bpmCamp.

Who's Invited to bpmCamp?
The goal is to have a high-quality gathering of people who know the products well and are looking to collaborate and exchange ideas with peers and colleagues.? We're inviting customer / users of Lombardi products (Teamworks and Blueprint) who participate in deployments to attend, and we're extending an invitation to Lombardi to participate as well.? If you're a Lombardi or bp3 partner interested in attending/sponsoring the unconference / bpmCamp, please reach out to us at the email address below.? If you're an analyst or blogger and you think bpmCamp would benefit from your attendance, contact us.? If you don't fit any of the above descriptions but still want to attend, drop us a line with your thoughts.? All attendees will need to register, once the registration site goes live.? If you're interested in receiving an invitation to register, send us email at the bpmCamp email address.

How to contact us:
The best way is via the bpmCamp email address:

I want to Sponsor bpmCamp - how can I help?
If you think your organization would be interested in being a sponsor for bpmCamp, please contact us at the above email address and let us know you're interested.

How Much Does it Cost to Attend?

We do expect to charge an attendance fee, which I believe is a departure from typical unconference protocol, but we're doing so for a couple of reasons.? First, we have limited space, and we want to make sure attendees are serious about coming.? Second, if we need to go to a larger back-up space, that may require additional expenses (which attendance fees would defray).? We have a nominal fee in mind - primarily to cover catering meals- and are in the process of proving out the budget.? As soon as that process is complete, we'll update with pricing information.? I don't want to publish tentative numbers, but if you need to know ballpark just drop us a line and I'll tell you privately what our working numbers are.

What will bpmCamp Cover?
We will beat the drum for topics and themes that we think will resonate.? However, we want this conference to cover topics that YOU care about.? In particular, we want to crowd-source topics for the event so that we can make sure we cover topics that attendees really care about.? The expectation is that the setting will be ripe for interaction among attendees during the sessions - that very few of the sessions will be presentation form rather than a loosely-moderated-discussion format.? However, we think it likely that attendees will be interested in a keynote address or two with Q&A to follow.? What kinds of things are fair game, you may be asking?? How about:

  • Building Teamworks Coaches with YUI or GWT?
  • Actual use of Optimizer in the wild?
  • How to make Teamworks scale Really Big?
  • Design reviews of actual Teamworks Processes?
  • Making my Waterfall organization more Agile/Iterative?
  • Tools for managing BPM projects (something better than MS Project??)
  • <fill in the blank!>

We'll have room for breakout sessions to accommodate more than one interest at a time.

Who is Coming?
We'll release information about attendees and speakers as we get closer to the event date.? Expect the bp3 team and the Stanford SeRA team to be there!

Why focus on a single vendor? Why not another BPM product? Is this a Lombardi-sponsored Event?
In short, we want the specificity and detail that we can get from a single-vendor conference, but the independence of a crowdsourced event.? bpmCamp isn't sponsored nor endorsed by Lombardi. ? We chose Lombardi products because it is the BPM suite, and community, that we have the most extensive contacts with (and because we had already decided that a single-vendor conference could be interesting).

While we've worked with other tools and vendors, our network is not as deep in those communities.? If you work with another software vendor or geographic location and you'd like our help to run a similar event with you, get in touch with us, perhaps we can help.

(editor?s note: bpmCamp is not affiliated with or sponsored by Lombardi.? bp3 is not acting on Lombardi?s behalf, nor is bp3 an affiliate nor subsidiary of Lombardi. )

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