Modeling (Diagramming) in Alignment with Methodology

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Scott Francis

Anatoly has written a post on the "Find a Victim" process pattern. But my favorite part of it was toward the end, mentioned almost as an aside:

Modeling a counterparty graphically as shown in Figure 3 makes sense only if you follow an appropriate methodology. Within the ?Outside-In? methodology for example we?d start not from the selling process (this is an inside-out view of our company) but from the buying process of our client (outside-in). It is postulated in this methodology that the quality of the process from the customer?s perspective is determined by the quantity and quality of his interactions with the process. To emphasize the importance of such interactions they use a special term - ?Moment of Truth?. If one follows the Outside-In methodology then usage of a ?Customer? or ?Supplier? pool and message flows is a good idea because they?ll let visualize the process from customer?s perspective and show all moments of truth.

If you model (diagram) in a way that is in alignment with the methodology you follow for business improvement, you'll achieve more success with less friction.? If you model in a way that is contrary to your business improvement methods, you're going to face headwinds and a lot of extra time explaining a model that isn't clear to your colleagues.


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