Mercedes F1 Engineers create Breathing Aid for Coronavirus patients

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Scott Francis

A pretty amazing story from CNN on the ability of Mercedes F1 engineers to create a breathing aid for Coronavirus patients in less than 100 hours -

Formula One engine manufacturer Mercedes has teamed up with clinicians and university engineers in London to design a breathing aid for coronavirus patients that can be quickly mass produced, a development that could help reduce the need for ventilators.

The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device, which was re-engineered from an existing machine in fewer than 100 hours, has been recommended for use by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, according to a statement from University College London (UCL), which worked on the project.

CPAP devices have been used in hospitals in China and Italy to treat coronavirus infections, with reports indicating that roughly half of such patients have avoided the need for ventilators, according to the statement. There is a severe shortage of ventilators in many countries, including Britain, that are fighting severe outbreaks.

It appears the point of the CPAP devices is to assist breathing and increase oxygen levels for those whose needs aren't quite severe enough to require a ventilator.? A separate effort is under way to build ventilators:

Separately, a consortium of businesses including Airbus (EADSF), Ford (F) and BAE Systems(BAESF) and several F1 teams said Monday that it received orders from the British government to produce over 10,000 ventilators.
The consortium said it would start production this week, and that it expects to receive prompt regulatory approval following a final audit. F1 teams working on the project include McLaren, Mercedes, Red Bull Racing, Renault Sport Racing and Williams.

We're encouraged to see how many companies are stepping up to leverage their know-how in different disciplines to do what they can to help patients and healthcare workers in so many ways.? Share your good news stories in the comments below!

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