Mark Suster on SXSWi and the Mind Meld

  • March 29, 2011
  • Scott

I was pretty surprised at how impressed Mark Suster was with SXSW-interactive.  I mean, I understand why it was such a great experience for me and many others in my shoes, but I admit to feeling that, surely for VCs and folks like Mark, SXSW is a little annoyingly out of the way or annoying in that it is such a throng of people.  Or something like that.  But no:

SXSW was magic. I can’t imagine having been at a better event. I was listening to NPR on my drive in yesterday morning. They were talking about the music portion of the show. A band was saying, “I can’t believe that at one event you could get access to the band managers of Lady Gaga, FooFighters, etc. Every night you are just hanging out with big name bands and the teams around them that brought them to their peak.”

I couldn’t have said it any better replacing music with tech.

His post has a lot of name-dropping – but you know, some of those names are friends of mine and local Austinites (more prominent in startup circles, for sure, than I am).  So there’s a certain “reality” to what he’s saying that I can relate to.  It was nice to see some Austinites make his list of people he enjoyed meeting with.  Of course, who wouldn’t enjoy the conversations he had?  Steve Blank? Dave McClure? Gary V? I was just happy to get to see some of these folks present and hold court at SXSW.



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