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[Editor's note: this is a guest post by Gordon, who will be joining us at Interconnect, come by our booth (307) to meet him, and other team members.? Gordon has been improving our education offerings especially in light of the number of customers that want to combine learning the basics of BPM with how to build great User Experiences with Brazos UI... ]

When customers approach BP3 about training, they have a wide array of existing skill sets. For most BPM developers, IBM BPM is just one of many systems they interact with on a daily basis. I'm lucky to have spent six years focused on IBM BPM, watching it grow and evolve. Of course every product has growing pains, and I've gained a wealth of knowledge around what works and what doesn't work.

Based on customer demand, I've taken some time to build training materials around IBM BPM and Brazos UI Toolkit. BP3 offers these classes in many different formats, but our standard training is an in-depth four-day class By the end of the class, developers will have built an end-to-end process using all of the most common features of IBM BPM and Brazos. In the past several years, I?ve delivered BPM training in eight countries over four continents, and I've seen new users become power users and experienced users expand their knowledge to parts of the product they weren't aware of.

The standard training can be customized but in general it covers the following topic:

What is BPM?

  • Requirements Gathering and Project Scoping
  • Modeling Using BPMN 2.0 Notation
  • Introduction to IBM BPM
  • Using the Process Designer and Process Inspector
  • IBM BPM Process Portal and Brazos Portal
  • Task Assignment and Routing
  • Building a Business Object Model for a Process
  • Coaches, Coach Views, and Brazos UI Toolkit
  • Boundary Events, Ajax Services, and Coach Validation
  • Coach Localization
  • Tracking Data in Your Process
  • Out-of-Box Dashboards and Custom Dashboards
  • Integration Services, Error Handling, and Troubleshooting
  • Governance and Deployments
  • Message Events and Multi-Instance Loops

The sessions include presentations, demonstrations, and in-depth lab exercises. The overall approach is to challenge participants to work through common BPM challenges and share their experiences with each other.

Of course, these are just the most common requirements. If you're interested in learning about something that isn't listed here, just let us know, and we should be able to create new materials for your needs.

You can preview my training style, by checking out Getting Started with Brazos UI Toolkit video ">here.

Gordon will be at IBM Interconnect 2015. BP3 will be centrally located in the expo center?s Smarter Process area booth number 307. Please come by and ask Gordon about training, tips and tricks, or Brazos.

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