Make No Little Plans

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Scott Francis

Man. Steve Blank writes some great stuff.? Makes me wish I had gone to epiphany back in the 90's!? He explains that if you're going to go work for someone, make sure they have big plans, plans to grow the enterprise - because that growth is what you will benefit as a member of the team.

I thought his IMVU example was pretty interesting.? He mentions Will Harvey and Eric Ries (of Lean Startup fame) as being cofounders who wanted to swing for the fences and turned down buyout offers.? So, being me, I click on the link for Will Harvey - and I see he is at "Finale | Fireworks" along with Chris Hondl.? What a blast from the past.? Will was the TA of a Motorola 68040 assembly language class when I was in college (Stanford CS 110 if I recall) and Chris was the star student in the class.? We had a "robot simulation" game where we programmed the strategy for a robot to interact in a maze.? Mine was one of the four finalists, but Chris' was a class above the rest in terms of the elegance of design and economy of action. Chris went to work with Will at Sandcastle, and most of us in class were fairly in awe of Will for his chops as the writer of music software for the Mac.

There are times when you realize it is a small world.

At bp3, we're building a business process company, just like the tag line says, making no little plans.

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