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Scott Francis

More and more people are looking to "mobilize" their processes... case in point from DeveloperWorks:

We are using IBM BPM 8.5 and we have developed some process app over it which is working fine.
Now we want to move that app to mobile to make it available as mobile app. I have search over the internet but didn't find anything useful.

I won't presume to judge whether what he found was useful or not, but Andrew Paier, of BP3 fame, quickly responded:

I recommend you check out our UI Toolkit Brazos.? It allows you to use the Coach View framework to create coaches that follow a responsive paradigm so that they can appear differently based on device size (Desktop, Tablet, Phone).? There are videos of this from the link above. [...]

So basically we (BP3) think the right approach is a either just well designed Web interfaces or a hybrid app, where you are mainly surfacing the Web UI in your app and using native functionality to fill in gaps.? This reduces the need to maintain multiple User interfaces for the same process UI. ?

Andrew basically hits this spot on.? Brazos lets you build beautiful UI's that happen to be mobile- and touch-enabled as well.? If you then also need some native app functionality, you can leverage Worklight or other app-building platforms to do that.

Further down:

Dear Andrew,
I have used Brazos Beta and found it very easy and effective.? Just have a query whether this toolkit is free or licensed by BP3.

Yep, it is freely licensed by BP3, requiring only the acceptance of the EULA and registration.

Another comment:

Anyway, this has potentially saved me so so much spare time.
Anyway. So, is Brazos cost just attribution?

From Andrew:

To answer your question - yes it is just attribution.? We want you to register so we can notify you of updates and fixes.? That is really the only requirement.? As I mentioned above, we do offer support packages in case that is required by your company or customer in order to use Brazos.

And with regard to using items off the community wiki instead of supported toolkits?

Note that the difference between Brazos and the items on the community site is that to my knowledge there are no companies actively offering support or driving development of the community items.? With Brazos you can report bugs to BP3, and if you are paying for support your issues will be prioritized.? Brazos is the primary UI toolkit that BP3 uses on all of its projects, so we have a strong incentive to make sure any known issues are addressed.

[...]? I love the sample exchange on the community wiki, but it should be understood that there is a significant difference than a sample that someone created to help out with a need and a fully formed and supported toolkit.? I have had many customers suffer great disappointment when a community toolkit they were using on BPM version X broke on version Y and they had no idea where they got it or how to fix it.? You won't see that with Brazos unless BP3 as a company ceases to exist.

It is great to see this kind of validation on key forums like DeveloperWorks!



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