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Scott Francis

MWD Advisors put up an interesting post about PegaWorld and Pegasystem's going forward plans as discussed at the conference.? There was much to agree about in what Pega are doing - like IBM and others, they are now focused on customer experience and insights:

"CEO Alan Trefler is doing a nice job of articulating the value of the Pega platform in the context of digital transformation: he highlights the importance of insight (being able to instrument products, services and processes, and understand opportunities and challenges through that), action (being able to actively support work co-ordination and automation through software) and evolution (being able to change application behaviour easily) as core capabilities of an application platform [...]"

Not much to argue with here.? IBM would use different terminology in some respects.? How would you get the insights? with cognitive computing and analytics, core strengths of IBM in the marketplace.

But there was also this bit:

"Trefler is more vocal than ever that the ?process-first? approach the company took a few years back in order to be considered as a BPMS player was a mistake: and in its place, it?s clear that Pegasystems will push more and more dynamic behaviour, driven by predictive analytics, into work co-ordination and automation scenarios."

Pega more recently has put Salesforce in their sights - it's a tall order to go up against the 800lb gorilla in the CRM market.? But they've made the bet that CRM and other related applications will have more legs than the broader BPM message. And in my opinion, that makes sense for Pega. They've always had a strong play as a way to deliver a specific application or solution like CRM.

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