Lombardi Updates #Blueprint – October '09

  • October 29, 2009
  • Scott

Lombardi’s October 2009 Blueprint Update was just announced.  Seemingly minor changes, but with interesting implications…

I would list them in reverse of the order Lombardi has listed them in their announcement:

First, increased notification options to keep you abreast of process modeling updates in your domain.  Of course, I’d like to see an RSS feed as an option rather than just email-focused options, but combining the email notifications with a good email filter and you can get about the same result.

Second, additional properties to track against the activities of your process.  Identifying systems, cycle time, cost, etc. That’s great… but by itself it is just documentation…

Third, leveraging those properties for heat-mapping and analysis of your process.  This is actually the whiz-bang feature of the release, and shows how a small incremental improvement on a good foundation can really change the way you look at a tool.  Prior to the analysis/heat-map, odds are you might just enter the data because it is “the right thing to do” to document the process for posterity (or for yourself).  Now you have a reason to do it that is for the analysis of improvement opportunities. I’ll point out, however, that without reading the release note, it would have been easy to open Blueprint and not even notice the “Analyze” button, and the fact that you can choose which attribute to base your heat map on is easy to miss.  But analysis mode works equally well on the process mapping view as well as the BPMN diagramming view.

What’s exciting about this release is that it offers a real reason to capture valuable data about your process… and it also opens the door for feeding information from your executing processes in Teamworks back to Blueprint for analysis (technical challenges remain, but it becomes increasingly obvious that this can be done).

We’ve covered Blueprint updates before.  For a summary, click here.

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