Lombardi Driven 2008: One Week

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Scott Francis

We're one week away from Lombardi's Driven 2008. We're looking forward to it for more than one reason this year. Of course we're excited to see what Lombardi has cooking in the R&D labs, and we're looking forward to reconnecting with old friends from Lombardi and our customer base, but we're also looking forward to having our own team together in one place for the first time, so that we can all talk and look each other in the eye for a change!

One of the challenges of a professional services company is the distributed nature of the work. Even if everyone lives in one place, we're likely to travel a lot. And if we live in different places, its even harder to stay connected. When I was building out the professional services technical team at Lombardi, we decided early on that we needed to hire people where our customers lived, rather than hiring them all in Austin. There is real value in being closer to customers, but also in being able to access a more diverse talent pool. I believe in this strategy of following the customer, and it served us well when I was at Lombardi, at a time when everyone else was just focused on lowest-cost-resource.

One thing we realized is that if you're spending serious money on a BPM project, and you're going to change core business processes, saving a few dollars by going with the cheapest available talent halfway around the world was not worth the risk of having a major project blow up. Spending the extra $ on the right kind of talent and experience is well worth it to reduce risk of failure, and likely to increase the overall ROI of the project... Its that old penny-wise pound-foolish saying, I think... At BP3, we've continued along those lines.? We're going to build a team of really great practitioners and focus on quality over quantity, on depth over breadth, and we think the fruits of that strategy will bear over time.

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