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Scott Francis

Austin is home to some fantastic coffee shops (and roasters).? The Austinot published a story over the summer relating interviews with four top baristas in Austin.? I've been to two of the four coffee shops depicted - Houndstooth and Epoch - and both are top notch.

In particular what I love about Houndstooth is the attention they pay to the process.? You can see this reflected by the other Baristas as well, but it completely pervades the Houndstooth culture as they make your favorite coffee. If there is a pleasure in doing something well and precisely, they have it down.

?Houndstooth was the first caf? in Austin to offer multiple espressos.? When I asked him about quality control and how they maintain flavor consistency, he said they dial in several times throughout the day?a process that involves setting the weight for each dose, setting the size of the grind and determining how long to pull the shot. Their machine also weighs every shot that comes out of the machine. He says, ?Baristas have a significant responsibility to the roaster, which is to make sure the coffee tastes right.?

I also love this quote from Paul: "The question in people's minds shouldn't be 'Why is coffee so expensive,' but rather 'Why is it so cheap?'" - I feel the same way about great software delivery!?



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