Lest you think that Mergers are the Stuff of ACM...

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Scott Francis

Jim Sinur weighs in with a blog post that supports a point I've made before:? that companies who aggressively acquire other companies use standard processes to make it work.? Take this anecdote from Jim:

This success snippet is about an organization in the insurance industry that has experienced significant top line revenue growth while simultaneously increasing it?s net profits over 40%. This company uses BPM for aggressive acquisitions by leveraging standard processes with local variations while driving down overall costs on a large scale.

Not only do they use standard processes to acquire and assimilate, they use standard processes (with local variations) for their core business functions, which the acquired companies will also participate in.

It actually doesn't matter if this is defined as "structured" or "unstructured", knowledge work or routine work.? The world will look at this and likely call it "BPM".? Because it is about managing business processes. And this is why the arguments among experts about naming are really a bit off-point.

As Jim Sinur says - the success of BPM is spreading and is too big to ignore.

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