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Scott Francis

Today I'd like to call attention to our new Education Services offerings.? We've had significant demand over the last year for more training services. In particular, customers have come to us for training on IBM BPM coach views and on Brazos UI Toolkit.? Over the last six months we've been trialing our BPM UI development training classes, and intro to BPM with IBM BPM classes.? If BPM is a craft, you want to learn from the best craftspeople in the business - and you'll find them right here at BP3.

This is a milestone for us - we have dedicated education and content development - and we have great products as well as methods to share with our customers in these classes. Currently in the offering:

  • BPM + Brazos: Learn how to build BPM applications with Brazos and BPM.? Targeted to: Business Developer, Business Analyst, Developer, Enterprise Architect.
  • BPM, Brazos, + Agile: Learn how to apply Agile development methods alongside your chosen BPM software.? Targeted to:? Developer, Enterprise Architect, Development Manager, Project Manager
  • Program Management: Learn the principles and methods of success that BP3 applies to our projects.? Targeted to: Project Owner, Business Analyst, CEO, CIO, Business Owner

The website has details, including sample day 1 agendas. Training classes can be customized to suit particular customer needs.

At BP3, we've been teaching by doing and working alongside our customers for a long time.? But we also have a heritage in BPM education - Lance and I both had a hand in Lombardi's educational services, and several of our other team members have had a hand in education as well - creating content, or delivering classes.? We've taught a "Lean Six for BPM" class several times over the years.? This is a great milestone for us to really roll out the carpet for Education Services at BP3.

This kind of development doesn't happen without the self-directed efforts of individual people on our team who take initiative, and they'll be writing more about Education Services on our blog - sharing how these classes and our offerings can help customers achieve success with BPM, and reduce the costs of implementation.



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