KMWorld: Brazos streamlines BPM at Shepherd Chemical Company

  • February 27, 2017
  • Scott

LI-BrazosKMWorld recently published this piece on the power of Brazos and BPM at Shepherd Chemical Company:

Consequently, Shepherd enlisted the help of BP3 Global and its BP3 Brazos UI Toolkit. The toolkit customized the IBM BPM experience with an interface for each user’s browser or mobile device, including elements like radio buttons and calendars.

Rick Boonstra, business system and user experience leader for Shepherd, says, “The Brazos UI has helped us ‘re-skin’ all our users’ screens to be interactive within a BPM application. The toolkit also saves us time and effort in writing customizations and customer CSS code to clean up the look and feel of an IBM Coach. Some folks at Shepherd are not accustomed to workflow software, and Brazos UI helps us get people over that hump.”

Shepherd is a fantastic company with a diverse manufacturing business, with a strong team supporting their process transformation initiative.  We’ve had the good fortune of working with them over the years, and it is really gratifying to see a great customer achieving long-term success with our software, and with the help of our great field service team.  No one cares more about the success of our customers than our own service team.  Thanks to everyone who continues to help make BPM a successful endeavor at Shepherd!



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