Just When You Thought Innovation in BPM was Dead...

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Scott Francis

This is the year for analyst and blogger coverage of previously little-known BPM software providers.? Or newly formed BPM providers, as you might argue with Bosch Software Innovations, who surprised everyone by showing up on the Gartner MQ report for iBPMS.

Sandy Kemsley just reported in about Bosch on her blog, and there were a couple of really interesting things to pull out if it.

First, that Bosch's offering is an amalgam of Visual Rules and Inubit, two firms that weren't going to make it on their own, most likely, but who had interesting technology behind their firms.

Second, this point: "Their edge, and what puts them squarely in the visionaries space, is combining their ?internet of things? with the rules, process and big data management: consider that you?re not only automating processes and decisions, but you?re bringing physical devices into the mix."

In other words, they're bringing physical devices and monitoring directly into their offering rather than as something that customers have to "integrate with" afterward.

It is interesting to see a "big" company take an innovative approach to putting an offering together - a combination of in-house development, acquisition, and creative partnering to put their iBPMS suite together.? (I thought big companies didn't do that!) One wonders if they specifically targeted the Gartner MQ or if they were chasing a set of specific customer needs that led them in this direction.

I'm also interested in this "internet of things" trend, as it might affect BPM software and its obvious applications.? It is another exciting avenue to follow to produce real process improvements and visibility.



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