Just in Time for Interconnect: Brazos 5.1 - the Best User Experience for your Digital Process Transformation

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David Bailie

Brazos UI 5.1 is now available for download from the BP3 Support Site.

The significance of this release of Brazos can't be overstated.? A lot of hard work has gone into making this the best release of Brazos UI yet.? For years, IBM's integrated approach to user interface building in IBM BPM yielded great results - fast builds for UI, an integrated development experience, and the ability to support great third party UI toolkits like Brazos.? However, there have always been requests for ways to build robust user interfaces outside of IBM BPM, that connect to the BPM engine through it's robust API.? Some developers want to use the tools they're used to using, and prefer to separate UI development from the Process Designer (separation of concerns).? Some use cases require putting secure screens outside the firewall.? Moreover, our Brazos customers have often asked us to provide the same user experience to these external interfaces as are currently enjoyed inside IBM BPM's Coach Views.

With Brazos 5.1, BP3 is bringing Brazos outside the firewall, and external to IBM BPM Coach Views.? This is the culmination of what we've learned in practice in the field, distilled into a tight, well-designed release for our customers.? For those who want to craft great user experiences inside IBM BPM's Coach View framework - this is the release for you.? For those of you who want to craft great user experiences outside IBM BPM's Coach View framework - this release is also for you.

BP3 is proud to announce the availability of Brazos UI for IBM BPM External User Interfaces (also referred to as "headless" BPM coaches). Brazos UI for IBM BPM External User Interfaces allows you to develop your IBM BPM UI's outside of the IBM BPM Coach Framework using only simple markup. Leverage the existing Brazos UI components with the look and feel you already know and love, and easily extend the UI with your own Angular controls. Brazos UI handles all of the communication with your process data, allowing you to focus on your process and user interface rather than complex API programming. This results in secure, flexible, performant, and highly extensible user interfaces for your IBM BPM processes.? This is the culmination of years of development and R&D, coming together just in time for Interconnect 2017.

If you have already registered for Brazos UI, you already have access to Brazos UI for IBM BPM External User Interfaces. If you are not already registered, what are you waiting for?

In addition to the new Brazos UI for IBM BPM External User Interfaces, Brazos UI 5.1 has been enhanced with new controls, features, and bug fixes:

Brazos UI 5.1 now allows you to easily chart geographic based data on a US or World map with our Data Map control. The new Data Map control allow you to customize labels, tooltips, and colors, chart data via local bindings or AJAX calls, and enable drill down capabilities using boundary events.

Brazos Checkboxes and Radio Buttons have been updated with improved style to allow for more flexible customization and consistency across browsers. We've also introduced a Boolean switch to easily represent on/off type values:

Badges in the form of data or icons can now be added to buttons, sections, and tabs:

Output Text can now be easily formatted as a "Well" which gives your output text an inset effect, or "Callout" which provides a configurable colored bar alongside indented text.

Full details of the Brazos UI Toolkit 5.1 release can be found in the release notes.

Registered developers can download the Developer Edition of Brazos UI here.

Customers with a support subscription can download the Enterprise Edition of Brazos UI here.


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