Join us for Driven 2020 day 2: RPA Day!

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Day one is in the books - our first day on Artificial Intelligence went really well and I very much enjoyed the content and questions as a member of the audience! 

Day two is Tuesday, the 29th of September (tomorrow as I'm writing this, likely TODAY as you're reading this) - and we have a great program in store for you.  Robotic Prcoess Automation (RPA) day will feature trends in the market, a customer panel with real-world stories, adjacent technologies, and best practices. Our very own David Brakoniecki is hosting RPA day. Brakoniecki is our Managing Director of EMEA, and a sought after conference speaker.

It isn't too late to register and join us - Registration is Here - and we also have a Slack domain you can join to participate in discussions during and after the sessions. See you on our webcast tomorrow! 

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