Jim Sinur: IBM Betting Big on Process

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Scott Francis

Jim is taking note of something that I've been talking about ever since I started to get a sense of it after the Lombardi acquisition - that IBM was betting bigger on process than you would expect if they only saw process as a checkbox on an analyst evaluation checklist.

What I was impressed with was IBM?s interest in creating natural links between all of it?s technologies. While they may have been architected separately, there is a emphasis on a common look and feel and better integration and utilization of IBM?s products. IBM wants to promote the OEMing of it?s rules capabilities inside of many of their other products for faster change cycles and more holistic governance. IBM is listening to it?s clients internally and externally.

Net; Net:

IBM is vitally committed to operational business operations through the application of processes to real business outcomes. While I see this kind of commitment from other independent vendors of? process and decisions, but IBM is a mega vendor that ?gets it? and really wants to get to a smarter planet.

We see signs of this as well in all of our interactions with IBM.? But IBM is a big company, and it will take many years of focused effort to make this directional focus a reality through and through.

We already see progress: WODM, IBM BPM, and the Integration Designer (IBM BPM Advanced) all share common look and feel and design principles.? There's a cohesion to the look, the function, the repositories, the integration.

Phil Gilbert's promotion is another sign that IBM is focused on a bigger vision of better designed software across their products.

We're admittedly interested parties, rooting for this trend to continue.

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