Jason Cohen: Look at what we did

  • January 4, 2017
  • Scott

I love Jason Cohen’s blog.  To start the new year, he does not disappoint with this blog post.

“You must be so proud of what you created” — the reflexive conclusion delivered by visitors to our building at WP Engine, struck by a beautiful place teeming with energy and activity, coming upon the little office of the founder.

“What we created,” I always respond. It’s not false humility. I didn’t create this. There are over four hundred people creating it even as we speak. I haven’t even been the CEO for three and a half years.

This is exactly how I feel about BP3 – starting it might have required Lance and I to step out and do it. But building it – that’s Flournoy and every person we’ve hired since.  It’s uncomfortable when someone assigns too much credit to me, personally.  Because I know how much of this is the team. 

One of the most gratifying elements of this journey has been how much more I get out of seeing the team succeed than I ever did for my own success, and how much I enjoy trying to create the conditions that support the team. 



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