Jacob Ukelson on History Repeating Itself

  • August 2, 2011
  • Scott

History often repeats itself, in software:

The physical topology becomes irrelevant – all that matters is logical topology induced by an application and its components. These virtualization paradigms (and more) have been around in the world of mainframes for decades, and I think we can use those as a map of where cloud computing is headed.

Jacob describes how cloud computing developments are, in many ways, mirroring mainframe computing developments of years past.   Jacob has moved his blog to a new home, recently leaving ActionBase, where, in my opinion, Jacob really advanced the state of industry understanding of unstructured and spontaneous processes.  Jacob is one of the good guys in BPM – someone I enjoy debating even when we disagree, because he really does have a different perspective on the same issues, informed from a different starting point. History repeats itself in other ways- visionary people leave companies that they put on the map, and go on to bigger and better things.  His blog is a great way to keep up with the ideas he’s percolating and engage him in discussion.


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