It's BBQ Time in Austin

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Scott Francis

Thrillist sat down to interview Aaron Franklin of Franklin's in Austin. It's a great read about his enthusiasm for BBQ and how he "fell into it" so to speak.

There are people who think you?re crazy for not opening a place in Times Square.
Franklin: Those people can own a chain of not-very-good restaurants if they want to. I?m pretty happy with just one that?s pretty OK. Don?t want to lose control of it, don?t want to have a bunch of other people cooking stuff. You can only be in one place at a time. I don?t want to sell out. We cook 106 briskets a day. That?s enough.

There aren?t even enough cows to be had. Even now, that?s a constant issue. We use all-natural stuff. Not into growth hormones. Antibiotics, I can live with -- we all get sick sometimes. There aren?t a lot of beef companies that do that stuff. We go through about 45,000lbs of brisket a month. We use all Prime. There?s really only one supplier that can work with us and get that much. There?s not a lot of that to go around. That probably accounts for less than 1% of the overall beef supply, and I betcha I?m buying, like, all of it. That?s a big reason expanding would be hard -- but not the biggest reason. The biggest reason is that we just don?t want to.

Looks like Franklin's is destined to be an institution of fine BBQ in Austin, but not a chain.? Nothing wrong with that. He's got a great business, that produces a fantastic product, and takes care of a very loyal customer base.

I don't get to eat Franklin's BBQ very often.? And after not having it for a while you can kid yourself that it wasn't *that* good,? that the other BBQ you're eating is nearly as good. And then you have it again and realize that no, Franklin's really does make the best Brisket.? 106 times a day.

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