Is This the Consensus? "The Real iPad"

  • November 12, 2012
  • Scott

Dan Frommer declares the iPad Mini “The Real iPad” in his review of it after 24 hours of use:

My take after spending a bunch of the weekend with the iPad mini: This is the real iPad. With the exception of screen sharpness, everything about it is better than the bigger, “classic” iPad — and screen sharpness won’t be a deal breaker for the vast majority of people.

My guess is that a future revision will bring screen resolution up to par with the larger iPads or smaller iPhones.  So if this is “the real iPad” Apple has a string of obvious improvements to roll out with it over the next 2 years.

The key differentiator appears to be weight – even more than size.  I suspect that Dan isn’t the only one who will be using a mini as a “beater” iPad- the one you don’t worry about getting a case for and just minimize its weight/profile in your bag, sitting alongside a laptop.

It also looks like the right device for education.  I know a lot of schools in the Austin area have been looking at iPads for their students, the mini both lowers the price and makes for easier carrying by little students (more of an issue with elementary schools).

I’m probably going to be a late adopter on the mini, because I really like my full-size iPad.  But we’ll see if I still feel that way after laying my hands on one!  Other reviews have also been good.

 If this is the consensus opinion of consumers, Apple is going to sell a lot of iPad minis.

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