Is this Debate Over Yet?

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Scott Francis

Two fun reports from Business Insider:

First, one that declares apps the winner in the Apps vs. Browsers war...

  • More people using apps than the browser
  • People spend more time in apps, bu a wide margin
  • Time spent on apps is increasing faster than time spent on browsers...

And then another article explaining how HTML5 is not ready for primetime.? I think this one misses a key point about HTML5 - it isn't the standard that isn't ready for primetime, it is the fragmentation among browsers.? The key points:

  • HTML5 is a collection of standards implemented somewhat inconsistently by browsers.? The good news is, a bunch of browsers now use Webkit, which increases the commonality among browsers.
  • However, there is still something like 30% feature differential among browsers. Ouch.
  • Major application providers have turned their back on HTML5 development (including Apple, Google, and Facebook).
  • Allegedly HTML5 will be "better" than apps some day soon.? We're not sure when.

If you're in the business of supplying mobile technology to users, I'd bet on apps until something significant changes.



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