Is There a Process for the Pitch?

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Scott Francis

Lots of people have advice for the startup pitch.? Austin's own Joshua Baer has given a presentation, several times, on the art of the pitch.? If I remember his three step process correctly it was:

  1. Make the case for change- for what's wrong that needs fixing
  2. Describe the world with that problem fixed
  3. Explain how you do it.

It's a great early pitch to angel investors.? Pre-revenue, especially.

Jean-Louis Gass?e has a three slide approach he recommends:

  1. Who we are: The founding team?s r?sum?, its technical, business, and academic background.
  2. A nice, sharp dichotomy: The world before us, the world after us. Show a substantial, practical impact, not just a marginal improvement of something that?s already in place. The more impossible or unthinkable the better ? it will become retroactively obvious once understood. The mouse is a good example.
  3. The Money Pump. Your business plan. I like the Money Pump image, the pipes that allow the cash that?s temporarily residing in customers? pockets to flow into the company?s coffers ? legally, willingly, and repeatedly.

I'm really interested to see if anyone has taken this extreme approach - and more importantly, then shut up to let the silence grow.? Anyone had experience with it?



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