Is Android vs. iOS Last Year's Fashion?

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Scott Francis

Is the Android versus iOS debate last year's fashion?

"Hence, the first phase of the platform wars are over: Apple and Google both won." - Benedict Evans

Benedict Evans makes a good case:

Apple now sells around 10% of all the 1.8bn (and growing) phones sold on Earth each year and Android the next 50%, split roughly between say 2/3 Google Android outside China and 1/3 non-Google Android inside China. Over time this will expand such that smartphones take almost all phone sales - perhaps 400m or 500m units a quarter, with Apple taking the high-end and Android the rest, and close to 4bn smartphones on earth. And though Apple sells a minority of devices, its positioning and execution means it has a much larger share of traffic and a majority of content and ecommerce revenue in developed markets, so its ecosystem is perfectly sustainable, as is Google's.

The rest of his post does a fantastic job of describing the opportunities and challenges for Apple, Google, and Android OEMs.? And a final note about scale - the ability to reach more users than anyone could have hoped to reach in previous technology generations.

What does it mean for the enterprise?? Or for BPM?

It means that you can probably ignore the noise and in-fighting among mobile operating system advocates.? It also probably means starting with either iOS native apps for your users, or with HTML5 apps that run across platforms. In internal enterprise deployments, you're looking for a balance between development effort, skills required, and user experience.





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