iPhone in the Enterprise

  • November 8, 2009
  • Scott

A new article from TBIResearch concludes that employees are driving iPhone adoption in the enterprise.  This fits the anecdotal observations I’ve made about my own friends – that those who can choose, are largely choosing iPhones, and those who can’t, are largely using Blackberries.  Very few of my colleagues don’t have “smart phones” at this point.

TBI Research points out that this trend is important for Apple because the enterprise market is, so far, lightly penetrated by Apple and represents a huge market for their phones.  Often the “employees” driving the trend are executives that can force IT’s hand in supporting the phones.

TBI points out that the largest remaining barrier is Security.  Trumping that, in my opinion, is the utility of the iPhone and the many applications available.  If I were an industry analyst, I would tell you that there will be BPM apps available on the iPhone in 2010 (0.9 probability).

To further support that perspective, there are now reports that Apple will ship a CDMA compatible phone in late 2010.  The article makes some great arguments why Apple should be pursuing CDMA compatibility – primarily, its cheap, and it would enable them to compete for Verizon’s large customer base.

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