iPhone Apps

  • December 18, 2008
  • Scott

There are some pretty neat iPhone apps out there now.  The google app with voice search comes to mind.  I can picture my daughter growing up, never knowing what it is like to not have a little device with her at all times that she can ask questions and expect to get answers… The Pandora app is another great little application.

A friend of mine from way back published a little app called Urbanspoon that I’d been using even before I realized it was his company.  There’s a good interview on Techcrunch with Ethan, one of the founders of Urbanspoon.  I like that it re-introduces the randomness of a restaurant choice rather than just presenting a list.  Invaluable application for the frequent traveler!

I haven’t seen any good BPM iPhone apps but surely its only a matter of time now!

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