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Scott Francis

Horace Dediu's Asymco blog yet again strikes a chord with me, as he fairly well trashes the classic "iPad is DOA" quotes from last year.? Of course, even more amusing are the follow on wave of death watch quotes from this year.? As new iPad user, I have to say the experience is better than I expected and I now understand why you would have this device that isn't quite your phone and isn't quite your laptop.? But at a macro level, the iPad is a huge business already, so it just seems odd to see how many people still think it is a fad:

I thought that would be that. As the success of the product would become self-evident, predictions of imminent demise would trail off. The pain of share loss would prompt a wave of challenger copycats. Imitation would be the the best form of flattery.

But no.

Critics were not silenced. One year, 15 million units, and $9.2 billion later I went back to the source of the quotes and found the following.

Great summary.

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