iOS First? Still?

  • September 8, 2014
  • Scott

I read with great interest, Semil Shah’s post on mobile development, “iOS First. Android Much, Much Later“.  To be clear, at BP3, we’ve already pivoted to focus on HTML5 apps for mobile devices rather than native apps.  But we’re keeping open minded for shfits in our customer base and market that might dictate changing our strategy or approach.

Semil addresses this in a really interesting way – not “iOS first”- that story has been told. But “Android much, much later” –  that’s the news.

The most common trap here is the early iOS app which gets some buzz. All of a sudden, the founders hear “When are you building for Android?” The natural, enthusiastic response to sincere requests of the Android chorus is to go ahead and build for Android and seek more downloads, more growth, more revenue. I have a different view though. The proper response is: “No. Buy an iPhone.”

That’s gutsy. It feels like the equivalent of an argument about browsers – when someone would say “when will you support IE6 or 7?”  the right answer was “upgrade your browser”. Semil backs it up:

  1. Early-stage startup teams cannot afford to handle the hardware fragmentation that plagues Android.
  2. Study after study demonstrates iOS users are not only growing in key geographies, but are more valuable customers.
  3. iPhone 5c and future low cost models will likely steal share from Android relative to yesterday.

The most compelling argument is really #1.  And #2 is pretty important too.  #3 is more speculative.

There are differences in the enterprise mobile app market and the customer-facing mobile app marketplace.  Which is why we’ve focused on HTML5 for now, as we watch and wait to see how that market develops.

Having said that, when BP3 releases a native mobile app, we’ll head Semil’s advice and go iOS first…




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